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Name£ºWireless DMX512 Controller

  Wireless DMX512 Controller
Wireless DMX
2X8 bits LCD working status and parameters
Level 4 power output regulation
126 frequency automatic frequency hopping, automatic selection without interference of frequencies, security communication reliability.
16 group ID code can be set in one place, the user can use independent 16 group wireless network and not interfere with each other.
The input voltage: 9-12VDC 500mA MIN
Communication distance: 400M clearing, depending on the ring (different and change)
Working band: 2.4 G ISM, 126 tuner.
Maximum transmission power: 20dBm; Rx sensitivity: - 94dBm
3PIN DMX signal interface: male and female runs
Envelop dimensions: 75X147X43 mm
Weight: 360g
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