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Name£º18*9W Beam Strobe Laser 3 in 1 Led Par Light

  18*9W Beam Strobe Laser 3 in 1 Led Par Light
Input voltage: AC100-240V 50-60Hz
Consumption power: 200W
Light Source: 18pcs 9W 3 in 1 RGB High Brightness LED + 1 Beam Single 100mw Green Laser
Average life of lamp beads: 50000 hours
Electronic zoom range: 4-60 degrees
Dyeing, beam, image, effect mode (whirlpool, kaleidoscope) front mirror disk and bidirectional infinite rotation
Single LED Point Control
0-100% Linear Electron Dimming
Flicker speed adjustable, with instantaneous dark field function: 1-24 times per second
RGB color automatic correction
Seamless stitching mirror disk, aspheric lens structure
Lamp Material: Material Die Cast Aluminum Structure
Shell color: black
LCD LCD Display Screen
Pre-store multiple built-in effects in channels
Channel Control Mode: Standard Mode 20 Channels
Weight: 5KG
Product size: 240*240*120 mm
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