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Name£ºSunlite 2 DMX Light Controller

  Sunlite 2 DMX Light Controller
• DMX512 signal decoding, single PC supports multiple USB-DMX decoding, and the output is stable;
• USB-BOX has standard 3¡ÁDMX512 output (1536 channels);
• Single PC software with 30 DMX domains that can be expanded to 30¡ÁDMX512 output;
• Equipped with an Ethernet communication connection, which can be operated remotely using Windows, IOS or Android devices or mobile phones;
• Memory with SD memory function, can work independently from the computer;
• Computer 3D stage is established to realize real-time display effect of computer 3D effect and scene lighting synchronization;
• Synchronize music and lighting effects to create a light show;
• You can create your own library or modify existing ones;
• Built-in effect scene
• AVI export of 3D lighting effects;
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