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NameP6 Outdoor Fixed Led Screen Led Display

  P6 Outdoor Fixed Led Screen Led Display
Brand model: outdoor P6
Chip model: Kinglight
Package manufacturers: Kinglight
Package method: SMD3535
Pixel spacing: 6mm
Pixel density: 27777m2
Refresh rate: 1920HZ
Module size: 192mm x 192mm
Module resolution: 32*32
Cabinet module composition: (W H): 5 5
Cabinet resolution: (W H): 160 160
Cabinet size: 960 (W) 960 (H)
Module flatness: <0.2mm
Module splicing seam: <0.2mm
Cabinet flatness: <0.2mm
Cabinet material: die-cast aluminum / simple box
White balance brightness: 5500cd/m2
Scanning method: 1/8 sweep
Display base color: 1R1G1B
Product weight: 50kg/m2
Transmission distance: super six line 120m
Power type: Giant Albert
Display mode: synchronous / asynchronous
After-sales warranty: 2 years
Storage temperature: -30 C - 60 C
Working temperature: -20 C - 50 C
Best viewing distance: 2m ~ 20m
Viewing angle: horizontal 140 vertical 140
Brightness sensing: 15 levels automatic / manual / program control
Gray level: 14/16Bit
Pixel out of control point: 1/100000, no continuous out of control points
Working voltage: AC220V10%AC110V10% / 50Hz, 60Hz
Peak power consumption (W/m2): 1000W/m2
Average power consumption: 350W/m2
Anti-interference: IEC801
Average no failure: 5-8 years
Service life: 1000000H
Anti-collision: support anti-collision technology
Installation method: lifting, landing, profiled, curved
Maintenance method: pre-sales and after-sales
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