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Name£ºLuna 8 DMX512 ArtNet Controller

  Luna 8 DMX512 ArtNet Controller
Two-way 8-way DMX512ART-NET controller entity console with 3D or MA Tiger DMX expander ArtNet4096
Art-Net to DMX512 and DMX512 to Art-Net two-way transmission!
It has two modes of operation: node mode and server mode. Switch freely by the panel pull switch!
• Node mode receives the ArtNet signal through the network cable and converts it to DMX512 (8 channels) signal;
• Server mode converts DMX512 (8 channels) signals into ArtNet signals and transmits them through the network cable.
8 DMX domain ports, a total of 4096 channels. It supports MADRIX (functioning strong LED point light source video screen playback software, full-featured version requires USB-KEY), Abuelites, PC_DIMMER, FreeStyler, Pearl Simulator, Tiger Touch Simulator, Diamond 4 Simulator, can be used as MA console Extended output, Magic Q and other lighting software directly output DMX-512 signals to control the lighting equipment (these software may have restrictions), or can be used as a DMX output expansion device of the network lighting console.
It can be connected directly to the network card of the computer, or it can be connected via a router. It can be controlled by the wireless WIFI of the notebook through the wireless router connection. If your mobile phone/iPad has ArtNet lighting software, you can directly control it without opening the computer! Very convenient.
Also supports the software of the MAC Apple system (such as MagicQ)!
As long as your software has Art-Net standard output/input capabilities, you can use it!
• 4096 channels (8 DMX lines);
• 32-bit ARM processor, built-in high-speed network processor chip, DMX signal opto-isolated output/input;
• 10/100M adaptive network port, IP and subnet mask can be modified by yourself;
• Built-in switch chip, network cable can be cascaded
• One network cable can transmit up to 256 DMX lines (domains);
• After a large number of performances and practical applications, the quality is stable and the transmission is delayed. The DMX output/input refresh rate of this product is 40Hz/S;
• Convenient, fast, professional and stable;
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