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Name£º450W Waterproof Beam Moving Head Light

  450W Waterproof Beam Moving Head Light
Voltage: AC100V-240V, 50/60HZ
Light source: 450W Panosonic Lamp
Beam angle: Adjustable parallel beam angle 2.1degrees
Linear dimming: independent dimming device, 0-100% linear dimming
High-speed strobe: pulse strobe, synchronous and asynchronous strobe, strobe speed 1-20 times per second
Fixed color: 1 fixed color plate, containing 13color chips + white light, half-color effect, linear color conversion and bi-directional rotating rainbow effect
Static pattern: a fixed pattern disk containing 14 patterns of fixed image 76rotatable patterns
Focusing: High-precision glass optical lens, electronic linear HD adjustment
Atomization: 1 independent atomization effect, soft and natural spot
Color quality: imported from Italy, special high temperature raw materials, to achieve a strong, bright and vivid.
Horizontal/Vertical: horizontal scanning angle of 540 degrees (16BIT precision scanning), vertical scanning angle of 270 degrees (16BIT accuracy scanning)
XY motor: Three-phase motor. Three-phase motor drive is powerful, faster, smoother, and quieter.
Display interface: touch + button
Channel mode: 18 international standard DMX512 channels
Lamp function: channel switch bubble and boot light bulb function
Appearance: High-temperature flame-retardant nylon plastic shell, using wind direction drainage and temperature intelligent monitoring technology
Waterproof Level: IP65
Size: 83*54*43cm
Weight: 35kg
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