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Name£ºIShow V3.0 Laser Software Controller

  IShow V3.0 Laser Software Controller
1.Support Win2000, WinXP, Win7,Win8, Win10, 32bit and 64bit
2. Use 100Mbps lan to communicate, no need driver
3. It have timeline, four graphic track ,one music track.
4. It support anlog laser diode, can have true color
5. It has a DC5V power input,  you can get power from  USB
Package Content:
1pcs lLDA controller box
1pcs Ethernet Adapter
1pcs DJ45 cable
1pcs USB cable
1pcs usb Driver
Gross Weight: 0.5kg
basis of software system have bug,please install according following step:
1,connect USB cable to computer;
2,USB cable another side connect to controller box;
3,the computer will found the new hardware,so according prompt message to install software step by step;
4,if your computer have not prompt message,please install software by manual operation
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