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Name£ºAll In One 4K Led Video Processor

  All In One 4K Led Video Processor
V1260 is Novastar latest All-in-One product, which integrates video processing, video control and LED screen configuration functions, and has a variety of types.
Video signal receiving capability, image processing capability and sending capability of ultra high definition full 4K¡Á2K@60Hz.
V1260 can send the processed video to the LED display through the network port and fiber port. V1260 adopts industrial-grade housing, with powerful video processing and development
The delivery capability can be adapted to the complex operating environment, and is widely used in various large-scale fixed installations such as government, enterprises and military command centers.
 Has a complete video input interface
1 HDMI 2.0, 4 DVI, 1 3G-SDI.
 Multiple output, large load
Support 16-channel network port and 4-channel optical fiber output, with load up to 10.4 million pixel.
 Support HDR output
Can greatly enhance the picture quality of the display, make the picture color more
Real and vivid, the details are clearer.
 Support personalized image quality scaling
Supports three picture zoom modes, including point-to-point mode, full screen
Zoom, custom zoom.
 Multi-window display
Support 5 windows arbitrary layout.
 Support monitor output screen
Send the monitored content to the monitor display via HDMI.
 Support the intelligent control software NovaLCT for operation control.
 Support scene preset
Up to 10 user scenes can be created and saved as templates, which can be directly
Call, easy to use.
 Support EDID management
Support user-defined EDID and preset EDID.
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