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Name£ºMadrix 5 DMX Light Controller

  Madrix 5 DMX Light Controller
The software is a dongle version, Madrix 5.0 version, stable output 2048*DMX-512 channels, running without any BUG. The dongle is a kind of hardware device, which looks like a USB flash drive, but it is not a USB flash drive. Its function is that the Madrix 5.0 software cannot be opened without the dongle. It supports system Win7, Win8 and Win10. 
Note: my company also have hardware of Art-net to DMX512 devices, we have 512 channels, 1024 channels, 2048 channels and 4096 channels. If your engineering all lights together over 4096 channels you can buy several 4096 channels hardware devices. Such as total are 20000 channels you need to take 5pcs 4096 channels hardware devices. If  need can tell us. 
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