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Name£ļDMX 54 Light Controller

  DMX 54 Light Controller
The Mini 54 console follows the DMX512 international standard protocol and can control all lamps that support the DMX512 protocol, such as moving head lights, star light curtains, and various PAR lights. It only has 54 channels. Please note that the number of channels in the same network should not exceed 54. For example, a conventional scanner has only 16 channels, and only three lamps can be connected on the same network. (16X3=48 channels, less than 54 channels)
54 channels
9 programs can be stored
Each program can save 50 scenes
Support power off memory
Support 9V multimeter battery
Power supply: DC 9V or Battery: 9V (Type 6LR61)
Consumption: 0.7W/ 59 mA
Number of channels: 54
Number of channels per page: 6
Standard control:  DMX512
Operating temperature: -10 °„ C to 50 °„ C
Size: 33*20.5*9cm
Weight: 0.95kg
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