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Name£ļWaterproof 380W 20R Beam Moving Head Light

  Waterproof 380W 20R Beam Moving Head Light
Voltage: AC100-240V, 50-60Hz
Lamp: 380W 20R lamp
Power: 450W
Beam angle: 2°„
Color wheel: 14 colors+white, rainbow effect, color mixed effect
Gobo wheel: 12 fixed pattern+5 glass partterns+white
Prism 1: 12 prism
Prism 2: 24 prism
Special effect: frost and rain bow effect
Led strip: led strip macro effect
X/Y axis movement: X -axis 540 °„, Y axis 270 °„
X/Y rate: 16 bit
IP grade: IP65 waterproof, both can used outdoor and indoor
Over heat protection
Mechanical dimming
Strobe macro control available
Channel: 19 standard DMX512 channels
Product size: 391x306x600mm
Packaging size: 520x480x700mm
Net weight: 20.2kg
Gross weight: 22kg
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