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Nameú║2000W Ground Fog Machine

  2000W Ground Fog Machine
Able to create effect similat to that of dry ice,the Large-sized Ground Smoke Machine offers another option for our clients other than the dry ice machine,which really benefits the usrs who can hardly buy dry ice at local service.lnstead of dry ice,the DB-F3000 requires only normalice cubes.Thanks for the specialized high-quality smoke liquid,which can be atomized by the machine into heavy smoke,ground-walking fog which will rise slowly after a certain distance.The function to create fog floating round and round makes this machine a perfect choice for indoor shows!
Heat up Time: 10 minutes
DMX512 signal/
Time and ration controller
Output: 4OO00cu.fi/min
Tank capacity: 5.5L
Flake output: 100m2
Voltage: AC110V/AC220V 60/50Hz
Heater: 2000W
Weight: 25kg
Size: 76í┴41í┴38cm
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