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Name£ºMini Laser Light

  Mini Laser Light
Atmosphere effect: Suitable for family Party, KTV, DISCO, dance halls, nightclub, discos, bars, bazaar, wedding, karaoke, square, park and so on many occasions to use
All accessories: 1. A light, 2 the ac power adapter 3. Manual 4. A tripod
Power supply: ac adapter input AC110V ~ 240V / 50 ~ 60Hz, output 5.0 V 1.5 A
Green: wavelength 532nm laser < optical power; 50mW, Red: wavelength 650nm optical power 100mW >
Product size: 130 * 92 * 52mm    Net weight: 0.6kg
Packing material: 12/boxes, Gross 10KG; Net weight 9.2 KG; Outside the box sizes to 42 * 28.6 * 3.25 cm
Additional panel accessories introduction and operation explanation:
1. microphones 2.head out light hole      3. The motor speed regulating         
  4. Sonic/automatic switch
5. Fan   6.pain stroboscopic adjustable speed                                 
  7. Stroboscopic/open/concern change switch 8. The power input interface
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